Photo of Memorial Gardens at Mount Hope Cemetery. Topeka. KS

Burial Options at Mount Hope Cemetery Topeka, KS

Burial Options

Mount Hope provides many burial options. We offer thirty memorial gardens, each featuring beautiful statues and landscaping, spread throughout the 120-acre grounds.

Special sections are reserved just for the men and women of our armed forces and their families.

Our mausoleum also offers choices for those who prefer above-ground burial.

Memorial Gardens

When the time comes to choose a final resting place, many people are drawn to the beauty and serenity of our memorial gardens.

Each garden is unique, with different types of landscaping and decorative features. Some gardens have flat, lawn-level markers, and others include upright granite monuments.

Paved roads surround each garden, providing convenient access from a vehicle. Download a cemetery map here.


Our mausoleum provides dignified, above-ground burial in an indoor environment, or on the outside of the mausoleum overlooking the cemetery grounds.

Many families find that a space in the mausoleum, known as a crypt, is comparable to burial in a memorial garden, because there is no need to purchase a separate marker or monument.

The mausoleum is a beautiful place for future generations to visit and remember.

Options for Veterans

We believe that the men and women who served our country in the armed forces deserve special honor for their years of dedication.

We have four memorial gardens throughout the cemetery reserved for veterans and their families. Cremation memorialization is available in the Veteran’s Columbarium.

The grave of each veteran is honored on Memorial Day with an American flag placed by ROTC members from Topeka schools.

Markers & Monuments

A cemetery marker is a lasting tribute to your loved one, and can be as unique as the person that is being honored.

Markers and monuments take many forms, including flat bronze and granite markers, upright granite monuments, and elaborately designed statues.

Flower vases may be attached to a marker or monument to display memorial flowers year-round. Silk flower arrangements may be purchased at our office, and our staff is available to place bouquets throughout the year.

Perpetual Care

Our cemetery is maintained through perpetual care funds, which assure that the beautiful cemetery you visit today will be preserved forever.

Perpetual care funds provide for the daily upkeep of the cemetery. A portion of each purchase is placed in our irrevocable perpetual care fund trust.

Only the earnings generated by the trust are ever used for the maintenance of the cemetery. The principal remains intact to ensure that the cemetery will be maintained forever.