Plan Ahead for funeral, cremation, and burial arrangements.

Plan ahead at Mount Hope Cemetery

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is planning today for tomorrow’s cemetery needs. Numerous decisions and arrangements must be made following the loss of a loved one, but many of these can be made in advance.

Families who have planned ahead tell us that in the time of need, they really appreciated having all of the details taken care of ahead of time. Contact Us for help creating a record of your wishes, and to explore funding options.

Cemetery Property

Cemetery property can be selected in advance. Many families choose to create a special section just for their family in one of our memorial gardens, and purchase spaces for all family members at the same time.

Advance planning can provide tremendous peace of mind for your loved ones, who won’t have to make decisions about cemetery arrangements in a time of grief.

Please ask one of our associates how to begin the process today.

Markers & Monuments

Markers and monuments can also be selected, designed and even set into place before the time of need.

Some families decide to take this step ahead of time, before it is required by an immediate need, because it gives them the opportunity to make decisions together, and gives them peace of mind.

Markers and monuments are available in a variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes. Our helpful staff will assist you and your family in creating a memorial that is right for you.

Funeral Ceremonies

In addition to cemetery property and markers, our associates can also help you design a meaningful funeral or memorial ceremony in advance of the time of need.

This allows you to make all arrangements at once, working with one funeral professional.

Our cemetery has three beautiful chapels in the mausoleum complex for funeral or memorial ceremonies. You may also choose to have a graveside service in one of our memorial gardens. Please contact us today for more information.