Markers & Monuments at Mount Hope Cemetery. Topeka, KS

A cemetery marker is a lasting tribute to your loved one

Markers & Monuments

A cemetery marker is a lasting tribute to your loved one, and can be as unique as the person that is being honored. Our cemetery is known for the variety of historic markers, commemorating some of the earliest Topekans.

Markers and monuments take many forms, including flat bronze and granite markers, upright granite monuments, and elaborately designed statues. Our staff will assist you in creating a meaningful, lasting memorial.

Upright Monuments

Upright granite monuments are among the most traditional cemetery markers, and provide a larger area to create a memorial.

Special designs and messages may be engraved on both the front and back of an upright monument.

Our marker design specialists work directly with a quarry to create unique, meaningful tributes.

Grass Markers

Flat grass markers, like those pictured to the right, are made of bronze and granite, and sit level to the ground.

Bronze flower vases are available for the placement of memorial flowers and American flags.

Flat grass markers may be placed in most of the memorial gardens throughout the cemetery.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials, also known as cremonial markers, are bronze and granite markers with one or two built-in compartments to hold cremated remains.

Cremation memorials are placed on ground burial spaces. They are available in the Twin Oaks memorial garden and the Urn Garden of Prayer, a historic section of the cemetery pictured to the right.

Personalization Options

Markers and monuments may be personalized in many ways. This includes the engraving of special messages, or symbols which were meaningful to the person being honored.

Bronze markers can be created with a collage of photos. Ceramic photo medallions can also be affixed to a bronze or granite marker or monument.

Flower vases may be attached to a marker or monument to display memorial flowers year-round. Silk flower arrangements are available for purchase at our office.

How a Marker is Made