Mount Hope Cemetery Mausoleum. Topeka, KS

Mausoleum at Mount Hope Cemetery Topeka, KS


Centrally-located on the north side of the cemetery, our mausoleum provides dignified, dry, above-ground burial in an indoor environment. Spaces, also known as crypts, are also available on the outside of the mausoleum overlooking the cemetery grounds or in the landscaped courtyard on the interior of the complex.

The mausoleum also contains niches, or private spaces in which to place an urn.

Chapel Mausoleum

The Chapel Mausoleum was the third section of the mausoleum complex to be completed. Built in 1975, it contains spaces, known as crypts, for individuals or two.

The mausoleum surrounds the Garden Chapel, which is a beautiful setting for a funeral or memorial service.

Historic Abbey Section

The Historic Abbey section of the mausoleum was Topeka’s first mausoleum when it was built in 1927.

Constructed of elegant white marble, it contains spaces, or crypts, for individuals, companions and families.

The chapel in the heart of the abbey is a beautiful setting for a small funeral or memorial ceremony of with around 30 family and guests.

Whiting Abbey

Whiting Abbey is the newest section of the mausoleum, constructed in 2001 on the west end of the Historic Abbey.

Dedicated to the memory of our founders, Albe and Kate Whiting, it features elegant marble-faced crypts and niches. Glass walls and skylights overhead allow warm, natural light to fill the halls.

Tranquility Courtyard

Located in the heart of the mausoleum complex, the Courtyard surrounds a landscape of rosebushes and flowering shrubs and trees.

Spaces, known as crypts, are faced with Missouri Red granite and adorned with flower vases.

The Courtyard connects the historic and modern sections of the mausoleum and is accessible from both.

Outdoor Crypts

In addition to the Courtyard, the north and west faces of the mausoleum complex also contain outdoor spaces, or crypts.

Constructed in 2001 with Whiting Abbey, these crypts are faced with Barre Gray or Missouri Red granite decorated with vases for memorial flowers.

Cremation Options

There are many places throughout the mausoleum complex for cremation memorialization for those who prefer an indoor place of remembrance.

The niches in the mausoleum are faced with glass, bronze, marble or granite and feature flower vases for floral tributes, or backed with beautiful stained glass panels.

A niche is simply a small compartment in which to place an urn and other special remembrances. Learn more here.


The practice of mausoleum entombment dates back to 353 B.C. when an above-ground tomb was built to honor King Mausolus, ruler of a portion of the land we now know as Greece. Community mausoleums gained popularity in America in the 1870’s.

The Historic Abbey section of the mausoleum was built in 1927, as Topeka’s first community mausoleum. The Mount Hope Abbey addition was built in 1961, with ten different colors of marble throughout. At the time, it was the largest mausoleum in Kansas. Subsequent additions of the Chapel Garden Mausoleum in 1975 and Whiting Abbey in 2001 completed the mausoleum complex as we know it today.